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Cbat was originally released all the way back in 2011 as a song on Mohawke’s 6th Extended Play ‘Satin Panthers’. Before its newfound popularity ten years after its release, it was a relatively unknown track that was not even available on the artist’s YouTube channel. Hence, a fan-uploaded video of the song linked by Tyler on his Reddit.

Oct 12, 2022 · r/wordington • wordington shopping and btw can anyone tell me the nam,e of that one squeaky song from tik tok that goes like e e e e eee e i've heard it in memes and nathan from my science class played it on his bluetooth speaker once but i donkt know the name. A man on Reddit posted a story regarding the lack of satisfaction for his girlfriend in their sex life. For two years, the Redditor consistently played the song "Cbat" by Hudson Mohawke during sex, which made sex uncomfortable for his girlfriend. This has since sparked a viral meme on TikTok. 1. Roses626 • 1 mo. ago. A guy did the deed with his girl to the song cbat (song is on spotify and yt i think) for 2 years. The girl told him that it was unattractive and a major turn.

Cbat” was released all the way back in 2011. Back then, it was just a simple trap song that attracted a certain type of audience. It’s not the type of song that you’d hear on contemporary.




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Goth Slut Rides to CBAT beat (Reddit Sex Song) Persephone Pink. 105K views. 95%. 2 months ago. 13:38. Busty Slutty Cheerleader Dildo Riding Creampie - NikkiEliot ....

Hudson Mohawke has reacted to his 2011 track ' Cbat ' going viral after a Reddit post has circulated on social media. In the viral post, 25-year-old Reddit user u/TylerLife admitted that he enjoys making love to the rhythm of ' Cbat ' by Hudson Mohawke - and that the user's girlfriend of two years has just discovered the song.